Dominic Oettl

Dominic Oettl
Group Managing Director

Dominic is the Global Managing Director for TTRO Group. While supporting strategic opportunities, assisting with the overall direction and strategy for the group, Dominic also looks at how technology is shaping our world and not only for TTRO but for our industry and customers.

Dominic is the founder and has built multiple technology businesses. The successful exit of Think IT Solutions to the largest Technology group EOH in 2010 saw Dominic take on the role of CTO for EOH who’s services covered Business Process Outsourcing, Enterprise Applications and ICT and Industrial Technologies. From 2010 to the end of 2015, Dominic lead multiple business units, headlined the groups Cloud services strategy and redesigned its market strategy for digital and technology solutions for ICT Technology Solutions.​

He has worked across multiple sectors, in all industries and in the public and private sector and has been instrumental in the design of national public private partnerships that call on his experience as an entrepreneur, technologist and as a strategic thinker. Dominic has worked extensively in Africa and the middle east most notably in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.​

He has significant experience in delivering technology into the education sector spanning from ICT infrastructure related network design and delivery, security solutions and cloud services to Educational technology solution and system design supporting next generation learning. Dominic has lead the technology team delivering the DBE Cloud – South Africa’s National Technology Platform for non-fee paying public schools, has been the executive sponsor and technology advisor to Imfundo Education Technologies – a technology platform that uses technology to actively engage parent in their child’s education. Dominic is generally responsible for the technology direction of TTRO a global digital learning solutions provider across the spectrum of lifelong learning.​

Dominic has a genuine passion and drive to use his experience and skills to make a global impact and be a force for good, this heart centered mission along with his entrepreneurial, creative nature combined with the technical ICT and business skills make him a formidable member of the TTRO Group executive team.





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